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India has been known to have wonderful dresses and costumes. Indian dressing styles are marked by many variations just like their tasteful architecture and food about which you will find a ton of articles written by people like you and me. Do you want to write one too? One is likely to witness a plethora of colors, texture and styles in Indian clothing. To a foreigner, the powerful attraction is the colorful attire of the people in India. With globalization, dresses are also getting westernized. Though the majority of the first generation Indian women wear traditional costumes, the newer generation are more experimental and wear Indian, Indo-western and Western suits. The majority of men are more comfortable in western clothing. Men from all classes and regions of India wear shirts and trousers

Clothing in India varies widely and is closely related to local culture, religion and climate.

Western culture is developing a grand love affair with the distinctive fashion style that is India. Along with Indian music and spirituality, Indian Clothes is having a huge impact on the mainstream identities of western style and culture. Though the majority of Indian women wear traditional costumes, the men in India can be found in more conventional western clothing. Tailored clothing is very common in India as women's blouses have to be made- to-fit. Indian fashion varies from one village to another village, from one city to another city. India's fashion heritage is rich in tradition, vibrant in colors and prepossessing. Bold colors created by the inventive drapes of these textiles catches the imagination like no other contemporary clothing. Indian fashion and Indian clothing for both men and women has evolved and is keeping designers busy. 

Why is Indian Clothing so popular?
Beautiful designs, luxurious fabrics and attention to detail makes our Indian clothing ideally suited for any occasion, be it an important social engagement or just simply relaxing at home in style and comfort.

Our Indian clothes are Popular with all age groups, they have been well accepted not only in the Indian market but also internationally and our designs are created keeping in mind the trends fabrics and colures of the season.
Our Indian clothes go well with regular western wear, ideal for a great unique look. They come in various lengths, sizes designs and fabrics which are suitable for all sizes.It is easier to choose composite decking than to choose an ideal Indian outfit out of so many options available.

You can be sure that Ethnic Fashions selection of Indian clothing are taken from the latest trend in Indian fashion, Some are embellished with intricate embroidered work in pleasing designs, they manage to look smart enough to be worn for casual family gatherings in the lounge, or even for an that afternoon tea session with friends in the garden.


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