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Though the majority of Indian women wear traditional costumes, the men in India can be found in more conventional men's western clothing. Shirts and trousers are worn by men from all regions in India. However, men in villages are still more comfortable in traditional Indian kurta. The men wear Sherwani, Lungi, Dhoti, Kurta pajama, and churidars.

Ancient man used to attire a loose fit single piece of clothing called Dhoti. It was draped around the legs and one end was tucked along the waist. This extremely comfortable traditional man wear has definitely gone out of fashion as far as cities are concerned but has paved way for the birth of new traditional inventions. Today in the contemporary times western styling rules the man clothing collection so does that mean traditional ethnic men wear has vanished. Well, the answer to it is no. Our motherland has a rich cultural heritage and it is this rich diversity that has fascinated our Indian fashion designers to showcase these beautiful diversities in their exclusive designs.

Indian ethnicity is characterized by exquisite embroideries, beautiful bright colors and rich brocade and you can imagine when the best of all would be combined the resultant would be simply amazing, isn't it? Today ethnic clothing for men has definitely not been able to make its way to the boardrooms but yes a place where they are truly boasting of their presence is indeed our festivities. When you read about dandiya raas night what is the first thought that comes to your mind. I'm sure it must be about beautiful vibrant colors, Ghaghra cholis for women, dhoti kurta for men complemented along with their region specific turban styling and classic jutties and mojris.

Indian men's kurta has not only made its presence felt in festive occasions but also has become the center of attraction of wedding parties. Here it's important to mention that Bollywood deserves a great applause for promoting traditional man clothing. Celebrities have a charismatic quality whatever they wear that becomes a fashion trend. Guys are lured by Shahrukh Khan & Saif Ali Khan's sherwani in Kal Ho Na Ho.

Bright shades in sherwani and jodhpuris have been gaining momentum. Other ethnic men wear ensemble includes kurta pajama, Nehru collared shirts, angarakha style, churidar achkans, bandgalas etc. Politicians can be spotted wearing our traditional outfit kurta pyjama. So, guys go and check out fabulous ethnic men swear and do not forget to attire the right accessory.


The Lungi:
The traditional lungi originated in the south and today it is worn by men and women alike. It is simply a short length of material worn around the thighs rather like a sarong.


The Dhoti:
A dhoti is a longer lungi but with an additional length of material pulled up between the legs.


The Sherwani:
A coat like garment, worn by men, fitted close to the body, of knee-length or longer and opening in front with button-fastenings. Below the men wear a garment for the lower part of the body, baggy and wide at the top tied with a string at the waist, and tight around the legs and ankles. It is a very elegant dress for the men and mostly worn during ceremonies. Many Indian men wear sherwanis for their weddings. This sherwani is known as bridal sherwani. Bridal sherwani is made of silk and has delicate embroidery.


The traditional Kurta-Pyjama:
Kurta is a long comfortable garment, worn with a set of Pajamas, generally accompanied by embroidery. An Informal way of dressing in India, but can also be formal depending on the design. Available in variety of cuts and colors.
The Kurta or the top is a knee length collarless shirt, which is adorned, in mostly white or pastel colors. Kurta, which was at one point of time, the clothing of rural men is ruling urban men too. Indian men kurta has been gaining popularity and finding place in festivities. Men are also diverting towards man-embroidered kurta. Silk kurta for men once considered attire for kings and princes is also finding its place in men's wardrobes. In the contemporary times, trendy silk khadi kurtas are leading the fashion. Men can wear these fashionable designer kurtas along with a pair of jeans. It's comfortable and looks chic. It is fashionable to wear a short kurta also know as kurti with embroidery on jeans.


Ethnic designs are coming with a makeover. Old traditional kurta has been given new innovative styling and cuts. There is a blast in the men fashion industry. Fusion concept is embellishing men where Indian designing and western styling are coming to take your heart away. Indian models catwalk on the ramps showing glimpses of rich craftsmanship. Designer kurtas can be teamed with tight fitting churidar salwar or loose fit pyjama. But if you desire to give your wardrobe an urban touch, then the best is to don it with a pair of funky jeans.

Kurtas come up in distinctive exquisite varieties. Festive occasion kurta consists of fabulous crystal adornments. But for the daily wear purpose, simple styling is given. It is only during special occasions, that you wish to dress up in more sparkling clothes but I'm sure for weekend freaky purpose you would not like to attire gaudy stuff, as it would look out of place. Cotton kurtas are apt for the purpose as they look stylish and trendy and at the same time contain simple delicate motif that go well for the evening walk or other casual purposes. Cotton, silk and khadi are gaining popularity in the kurta section.
Another Indian men's attire catching attention is the three piece kurta pajama and a vest coat
In a three piece men's wear, an embroidered kurta and a churidar or a salwar is worn and on the kurta a vest coat or a long coat is worn. The long coat looks elegant with embroidery on it. The three piece traditional Indian men's wear can be accompanied with a stole.


Bridal Kurta salwar or churidar:
Marriage is the most beautiful thing that can happen to mankind. It is an institution, which ties the knot of two individuals and opens the door for meeting of two minds, body and soul. This special relationship calls for a big time celebration where all arrangements are simply mind-blowing. Amid all splendid things, how can we forget about the groom dress? Groom should wear something that reflects his styling and at the same time that sets him apart in the entire crowd. The latest trend is of groom fashion ethnic clothing. There are staggering varieties of ethnic wear for grooms.

As you travel in India, you'll find lot of diversities in Indian groom ethnic clothing. North Indian grooms attire sherwani with churidar & the ethnic dress is teamed with a turban. Whereas if you visit southern India, there the grooms bedeck dhoti more commonly known as 'Veshti' along with 'Jubba' i.e. kurta. But now there is a metamorphosis in ethnic styling in line with contemporary times.

For those who do not wish to completely go ethnic, variations are given in styling and cuts. Man kurta which is ideally knee length long has undergone a transformation. Guys for a more urbane & modernistic look can opt for calf length kurtas. You can complement your sherwani with jodhpuri pants or tight fit churidar. Men, who wish to make their distinctive hip-hop style image, can don sherwani with a pair of trousers. Team it with a beautiful embroided stole and drop it on your shoulder. What makes a groom's dress distinguished is embellishment. Swaroski crystals and intricate embroideries like Zardosi have come to play their part and are sincerely performing their task of adorning the groom. Sequins and stone work looks classic.

Evergreen color in sherwani is off-white. But now as times change, some new fashion rules the town. In the present scenario Bollywood celebrities have such a strong influence on the people that whatever they do or whatever they attire becomes a fashion style that everybody wishes to copy. Getting inspired by the stars of tinsel world of fashion, new sherwani and other ethnic arrivals are coming up in dark shades like black, maroon and dark blue. For the total complete look, wear royal mojris or jutties and then see people wont be able to take their eyes off you.



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